UPDATE: Incoming Aldermen endorse Bring Chicago Home proposal in newly released 100-Day agenda. READ MORE

Let's work together to

80,000 Chicagoans are homeless

One in four of them are children struggling to stay in school. It’s a community-wide problem that many cities are tackling. Chicago can, too.

There is a solution. It's affordable, responsible, and popular. And it's time.

A one-time tax that would affect less than four percent of the homes sold every year—and only those worth more than $1 million. More than 96 percent of homeowners would be exempt.

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The money generated by the tax would be legally dedicated to programs that alleviate homelessness, including assistance for homeless children, homeless veterans, and homeless women recovering from domestic violence.

Two-thirds of likely city voters have expressed support for this solution and are prepared to vote for it on the March 2020 ballot.

A 1.2 percentage point increase to the real estate transfer tax (RETT)—a one-time tax paid when a property is sold.

On transactions over $1 million, impacting 3.6% of residential transactions and 5.2% of all transactions.

To generate an estimated $150 million annually legally dedicated to combat homelessness.


Fewer Homeless

in 1 year...


Families and individuals could receive permanent supporting housing in 1 YEAR…


Households could receive resources that would prevent them from being homeless in 1 YEAR…



Bring Chicago Home means helping people like...

of the 80,000 People who are homeless in Chicago

Almost half are families

about 9,000 families or 35,435 people

1 in every 4 are cps students

living in shelters, on the streets or doubled-up

Organizations who support this

If your organization cares about curbing homelessness, contact to join the dozens helping to Bring Chicago Home.

We need your help.

1. Get referendum on the ballot

City Council must vote to include a question on the ballot of an upcoming election asking voters for permission to raise the RETT.

2. Chicago votes yes

A simple majority needs to vote in favor of the ballot question.

3. Law passed

With permission from the voters, the city can then pass an ordinance increasing the RETT.

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