Chicagi Sun: Homelessness Crisis At O’Hare Shows More City Support Is Needed On NW Side And Beyond, Advocates Say

By Ariel Parrella-Aureli, Feb 7, 2023

What are your priorities for the 5th Ward?

My priorities are passing a Treatment Not Trauma ordinance, a South Shore CBA (Community Benefits Agreement) ordinance and a Bring Chicago Home ordinance. I’ll work with the community and the administration to determine the order.

(Treatment Not Trauma is a campaign to reopen mental health clinics closed by former Mayor Rahm Emanuel and send mental health professionals in response to certain kinds of crisis calls. The South Shore CBA is a proposal to enact affordable housing protections and relief for condo and homeowners in South Shore. The Bring Chicago Home campaign seeks to use taxes on expensive real estate sales to finance services for Chicago’s unhoused population.)